In 2004, me and my boyfriend decided to get a dog. But what kind? In an advert, I have read about a dog which was marked with a metaphor „Cairn Terrier“ -„a woman of many parts“ and it attracted me immediately. After studying all available information about this race we had a look at two years old cairn, living near of our town. When we looked at him, it was clear at once. Lively, friendly, familiar, curious, „jack of all trades“ …

It was before Christmas when we went to get our first beloved INDY zo Sengetova (nickname Lucky). After his short, but successful exhibition career we have decided for dog´s friend and Lucky´s „bride“. ELITE for Solipse Aspekt Poland (nickname Happy) became it in 2010. She naturalized very quickly after seven-hours long journey from Poland. They have been an inseparable couple from that moment and accompany us during our everyday life.

In 2011 we established a kennel „of Podhay“. The name of station arises from the name of our new home street.

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